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Animal Flow Demonstrates Movement As Medicine

Australian Fitness Network has brought Animal Flow to Australia, demonstrating movement as medicine.

Make way for the new (old) kid on the block – Bodyweight Training. Coming in top spot as the hot fitness trend for 2015, its no surprise we are seeing the introduction of new workouts coming to our shores.

Leading the charge in “beast mode” is the founder of Global Bodyweight Training systems, Mike Fitch, with his latest creation – the Animal Flow workout.

Mike describes the workout as a “challenging, multi-planar, bodyweight workout that can be done anywhere, anytime”, this is a workout that requires no equipment and challenges even the most experienced exercisers.

When you first watch the Animal Flow workout, you notice graceful and controlled movements, blended into a seamless flow of athleticism and control, that is of course if its Mike Fitch your watching! For the rest of us, don’t feel bad if at first you don’t succeed, in fact, getting out of your comfort zone was exactly where the inspiration for Animal Flow came from.

Despite having years of weight training experience, Mike says “I didn’t move well, I didn’t feel well… and I thought, ‘if I feel this bad at 30, then how am I going to feel when I’m 50 years old?’ So I started asking myself, what if I trained to last, rather than just beating the hell out of my body for now? And so I came up with the idea of trying the exact opposite to what I’d been doing”.


“My mind exploded and my body hurt, and I got to be really bad at something, so it got me thinking, what else is out there?” As a result, Mike began exploring new and different forms of exercise like gymnastics, circus arts, parkour and breakdancing These experiences led him to the question, “How do you move through your environment with fluidity?” and with the combination of different and unique forms of inspiration, Animal Flow was born.

For the first-timers

Trying Animal Flow for the first time? Don’t panic if you feel more like a hippo than a gazelle! Mike assures us “Not only should you not feel bad, you should enjoy being new at something again… we don’t experience that as adults, we have a tendency to do what’s easy.”

When it comes to introducing this new program to Australian fitness facilities Mike says “Members are tired of the same old thing, people want to move and are more conscious about feeling good and having a healthy life – its not just six-pack abs. Animal Flow will compliment a traditional workout with core strength and flexibility. This is a program that doesn’t require equipment – just space.”

Just like the movements in Animal Flow, the program itself is also highly flexible. From a 15-minute addition to your Core class or PT session, to a 60-minute flow workout, the moves can be implemented in any number of ways.

For trainers or group fitness instructors, Animal Flow offers training workshops as well as pre-choreographed group fitness class formats of 30 and 60 minutes.

Ryan Hogan, CEO of Australian Fitness Network says “I was really impressed by the quality of the information in the Animal Flow program, and I believe Australia is ready for something like this. This is a well-rounded program delivers something that’s pretty unique. There is a big trend towards bodyweight training and for clubs this equates to low overheads – which is always appealing”.

He adds, “Consumers are also interested in this kind of program – and it looks cool!” For instructors and personal trainers being qualified int his program will put you ahead of the pack. So if you’re ready for a change, give it a go”.

Why no shoes?

Mike explains the benefits of kicking off the shoes during Animal Flow. He says, “Our hands and our feet have sensory receptors, and one of the big connecting pieces of Animal Flow is how the body connects to itself. When we get back to the ground by placing our hands and our feet on the ground, we are receiving and sending information all the way through the body. This allows us to have that unique intramuscular communication.”

Having taken part in my first Animal Flow class, I can testify to the awesomeness of this workout. As an experienced group fitness instructor, I consider myself an advanced exerciser, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Animal Flow session  as a surefire way to shake up any exercise routine and get your sweat on! In the words of Mike Fitch, I say “challenge yourself and enjoy doing something new again. Because that’s exactly what you’ll get from Animal Flow”.

Ready to try Animal Flow?

Experienced at lifting weights and think you won’t get a sweat up during this body weight training session? Think again!

“Our body is really good at making a big dynamic movements, but when you get to the smaller, eccentric, meticulous movements, it really has to connect; and that’s what this program is about” explains Mike. “I’m an advocate of the philosophy that when you leave, you should feel better than when you arrived. You can have a great workout, but also it can be rejuvenating at the same time – movement medicine, I call it.”

Get ready for beast mode and experience Animal Flow at FILEX this April. Or to find out more, enquire below.

Article by Chantal Brodrick

Chantal is an experienced Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. In 2008, she established her business, Energyinxs, with the goal of working with clients to maximise their energy and improve their health, through exercise and nutrition. Today Energyinxs boasts a healthy personal training, group fitness and corporate client base across Sydney’s North Shore. When not training clients, Chantal is the Principal Business Coach for Active Management; working alongside Personal Trainers to support them grow successful and profitable businesses. In addition to her fitness and coaching roles Chantal is also experienced presenter, MC and Voice Over artist, representing brands including: Fitness First, Hotels.com and Dairy Australia. Prior to fitness, Chantal worked in Senior Sales and Marketing roles in the Media industry for over 15 years. Including roles at Channel 7’s Pacific Magazines and Adstream Australia. Follow Chantal on Twitter @energyinXs



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