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Xtreme International - Pinnacle Zone Training - Altitude By Design

Why Altitude Training Is Right For Your Business

Convert multiple training spaces in your gym into an altitude training environment with Multiple Zone Technology.

Designed specifically for the commercial fitness market, Australian manufacturer XTREME International have been developing simulated altitude technology for over 10 years.

XTREME’s smart management systems and efficient technology provides a best in class altitude training environment, with easy scheduling capability to reduce power requirements for use with your simulated altitude training (SAT) rooms.

With savvy operators seeing the benefits of adding an altitude training room as a supplementary service for their members to take advantage of, its time to take a closer look at why altitude training is right for your business.


  1. Supply multiple rooms with a single central system
  2. Cater for a larger demographic and market sector groups
  3. Full integration for maximum return on investment

Built to top commercial standard, the XTREME Multiple Zone Technology facilitates full integration within your gym or fitness studio, enabling the benefits of altitude training to a broad cross section of your members.

That means you can convert your existing functional training spaces, cycle spin rooms, yoga rooms, boxing/MMA and personal training areas into a altitude training space.

Xtreme International - Pinnacle Altitude Zone Technology

Xtreme International - Zone Training - Altitude By Design

Adding altitude training in your facility helps attract new members, improve member retention and get a quick return on your investment.

XTREME, with industry partners, Aktiv Solutions Australia, puts you in the driving seat, providing intelligent design and commercial fitness equipment choices for your training spaces.

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