The Next Generation In Fitness Solutions

XTREME International are pleased to announce that we are integrating the OXYGEN ATHLETIC design features to become XTREME – Altitude by Design.

XTREME – Altitude by Design – The next generation in fitness solutions for gyms, studios and health clubs.

XTREME International offer product packages and design options from leading fitness industry equipment suppliers.

  • One asset servicing multiple rooms
  • Catering for a larger market sector and greater demographic within your club
  • Create a new or transform an under utilised area
  • Increase revenue and bottom line profit
  • Excite your clients and trainers
  • Reconnect with your clients
  • Open up new business opportunities
  • Create a point of difference

Altitude by Design allows clients to work with XTREME International and product partners to develop a custom altitude layout from flooring, walls graphics and equipment to meet the requirements for your facility. Utilising the latest in design software XTREME can prepare a 3D virtual image of the proposed facility to launch you into the Altitude World.

XTREME International have developed a three-phase commercial system called the Pinnacle Range.

The range is capable of a maximum altitude of 5000m and utilises the latest copolymer membrane and variable speed drive compressor technology to provide low operational costs and a smaller equipment footprint design.

The Pinnacle Range is capable of converting single or multiple room altitude environments from 80m³ to 320m³. The Pinnacle system and has 7″ touchscreen display for manual and timer modes for total functional control and the PLC design has multiple safety redundancies. Each altitude room has a 24″ display monitor showing the key system outputs.

Our products are designed and engineered in AUSTRALIA.
The engineers, technicians and trainers forming XTREME International have extensive knowledge with over 20 years combined experience working with Simulated Altitude Technology. With expertise designing, creating and installing simulated altitude facilities globally for professional sports teams, research facilities and institutes of sport, XTREME International now bring this technology to the fitness industry with our bespoke design options and our exclusive class based program ALTITUDE FACTOR.

The ALTITUDE FACTOR Education program develops your teams knowledge and skills through a combination of online theory and face to face workshops. The development of an in-house head trainer combined with the Altitude First International (AFI) online platform ensures ongoing support and education for your team and trainers.

Using a simulated altitude environment, we provide Australia’s first ever multiple structured training programs for fitness industry professionals – it’s called ALTITUDE FACTORTM.

ALTITUDE FACTOR™ – More than just a fitness class!
Altitude Factor classes have THREE Key Advantages:

  1. Improved time efficiency of exercise
  2. Increased metabolic demand leading to accelerated weight loss
  3. Improved body composition profile through fat loss and maintenance/gain in lean body mass

Training at altitude delivers a never experienced before, new dimension to classes.
Programs include – AIIR, FAST, YOGAaiir,

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