Turbo-charge Your Fitness Product Sales.

With an EFTPOS powered fitness vending machine from Worldwide Vending you can boost your fitness product sales.

It has been proven in hundreds of fitness clubs around Australia that a gym vending machine will dramatically boost your fitness product sales. Now, with EFTPOS tap-and-go, a gym vending machine is even more profitable.

EFTPOS can boost sales by up to 50% compared to a cash only vending machine

If you have not yet taken advantage of the cashflow that a gym vending machine will produce, then now is the time to reconsider. If you have an existing vending machine without EFTPOS, it’s time to upgrade.

Cash gym vending machines that accept only coins and notes have rapidly been superseded by machines which accept only EFTPOS payments, or more commonly with a combination of coin, note and EFTPOS payment systems. EFTPOS has become an acceptable and often a preferred way to pay for drinks, snacks and supplements from a fitness vending machine.

Upgrading existing vending machines.

If you have an existing late model vending machine, it may be possible to simply upgrade your machine with an EFTPOS payment system.

Older machines may require a major system upgrade to accommodate EFTPOS. For these vending machines, it may be more cost effective to trade-in and upgrade to a new EFTPOS equipped vending machine.

For those clubs without a vending machine.

If your gym does not have a gym vending machine selling sports nutrition products, now is the time to reconsider.

Gyms with an EFTPOS vending machine selling sports nutrition and supplement products can generate revenue of up to $1.00 per member per week. For a club with 600 members, that’s up to $30,000 per year!

Selling sports nutrition and supplement products with a vending machine is a proven winner for the fitness industry.

Worldwide Vending is Australia’s only specialist gym vending provider.

Worldwide Vending has provided over 1,000 gyms and fitness clubs across Australia with specialised Gym Vending Machines selling sports nutrition products.

We can arrange an upgrade or trade-in for your existing cash only vending machine or, if you do not have a vending machine in your club, call us to find out how your fitness business can benefit with an EFTPOS powered vending machine!

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