Wahoo Fitness – The KICKR

Train Powerful with the KICKR Power Trainer.

You’ve just found the best damn bike trainer there is! With the KICKR’s built-in power meter, realistic road feel & virtual training software capability would you buy something else?

This is personalised power based training with a built-in power meter. That’s real power data, not virtual or estimated power like some other bike trainers. This means you can identify your weaknesses and maximise your potential. You can also customise your workouts to your cycling ability or fitness level.

NO CHEATING: Set you power level and let the KICKR drive the resistance to push your performance to the next level.

The high inertia flywheel provides realistic road feel making the KICKR the only alternative to riding outdoors.

The wheel off design saves your tires for the road and not the basement.

Easy set-up, wireless, just connect and go through iTunes, Android and Windows.

Train with virtual courses and tackle the world’s great climbs, explore new roads or crush your local ride.

Train with structures intervals by using power to train efficiently and increase your fitness to set a personal best .

Let’s talk serious now!

The KICKR is ridden by the guys who win yellow jerseys. Wahoo Fitness is the official supplier to TEAM|sky.

Check out the video…

Here are a few words from those that matter: –

“Completely changed the trainer landscape” – DC Rainmaker

“Brings indoor solo training to a new level” – BikeRadar

“That’s it. Go buy a KCKR” – Pez Cycling

“They should have called it ASS KICKR” – Kona Qualifier

For more information on the KICKR, find your nearest stockist or to purchase your own KICKR Power Trainer, complete the enquiry form below.


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