U BOUND® Your Way Fit at Living Well

Article by Toni Krasicki.

There are certainly no leg warmers, sweatbands or leotards at my first U BOUND® class. It is 2014 after all, and the only element I recognise from one of the first ‘aerobic classes’ that I attended in the early ‘80s is the mini trampoline itself.

U BOUND® isn’t a new-kid-on-the-block group fitness program. Hailing from the pre-choreographed RADICAL FITNESS stable of programs, U BOUND® has been available for eight years, with Livingwell Health Club in Sydney’s CBD offering it for the past five years.

Essentially a cardio based class performed on a trampoline; expect a high impact style class minus the impact. Think leg curls, jogging, star jumps, shuffles and leg kicks, plus killer rebound moves, which is much like a reverse directional squat at triple the pace.

At first it feels weird, not because your exercise platform has become quite limited and unstable, but that you are lifting your feet and pushing down rather than bouncing to get height like you would on a normal trampoline.

An all-round fitness class incorporating cardio, strength and conditioning components, U BOUND® offers enough intensity to spike the heart rate, and the muscle conditioning tracks load up the legs with squats and lunges. Although the core is activated throughout the whole class, the ab track gives it an extra overhaul with some crushing core conditioning exercises.

To keep things fresh classes either follow the pre-choreographed format or are freestyle so don’t expect the same-old-stuff every time. Moves and combinations are pretty standard though, so if you’ve done other classes like BODYATTACK® you won’t have any issues with following. The class I attend has several newcomers and they are still there at the end of the class – always a good sign.

It’s fast, it’s furious, and I am blaming my previous days bike ride up and down hills the reason I can’t keep up. Designed as a 55-minute top-to-toe program, Livingwell also offers an ‘Express’ 30-minute class for the time poor, for anyone starting out, or if you’re like me, someone who needs to get the hang of the technique.

Contact Livingwell for more information.

Livingwell is the only health club in the Sydney CBD offering U BOUND® classes and are always looking for qualified U BOUND® instructors. Contact RADICAL FITNESS for more information about their 3-day U BOUND® instructor training program.

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