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Technogym Skilltools Kit


Empower your training with the all-encompassing SKILLTOOLS KIT. Designed around the SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING.

Competition can come down to the smallest measurable dimensions. Every athletic detail matters as much as every rep counts or the tiniest fraction of a second makes a difference.

Never settle for a lower standard. The SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING method is rooted into academic research to bring you a boost of pure energy and develop your athletic potential to its peak.
It starts by raising the foundations and then assembling the building blocks: powerspeedstamina and agility.

Every piece in the SKILLTOOLS KIT was conceived around it to evolve your work capacity and enhance your abilities in total safety. Mobilitywarm-upworkout and cool down – all the different moments of training now have their perfect companion, designed to the smallest detail to empower your performance and enhance neuromuscular control.

Untie restrictions. Prepare for the challenge. Surprise your body. Repeat.


Mobility is a key part of making sure your body moves efficiently. Our tools are designed to improve mobility while lessening the risk of injury during training.


Stability is one of the foundations of SKILLATHLETIC TRAINING and is essential to any training program. Our tools allow users to not only improve their stability but also boost their core strength.


With our tools you can train both power and strength. These foundational abilities are essential for any user who aspires to be more athletic.


If you want to be faster, nimbler, and change direction quicker, our tools can help. They can be used as part of sport-specific performance training or for daily life.

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