Technogym Skillmill

Do you ever watch elite athletes and wonder what you can learn from the way they train? Technogym is here to teach you with the launch of its new SKILLMILL. Defining a completely new product category, the SKILLMILL is the only non-motorised treadmill that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training to help you feel and perform like an athlete.

An essential part of the Paramatta Eels’ training regime, the SKILLMILL is not only an ideal training solution for sports professionals, but for the everyday athlete dedicated to improving fitness and performance.

The SKILLMILL allows users to move in any direction – forwards, backwards, sideways – and at any speed or intensity level, from a resistance-free run to an all-out sled push.

As official equipment supplier to six Olympic Games, including Rio 2016, and partner to some of the world’s best performing teams and athletes, Technogym has first-hand experience in the training methods and requirements of thousands of champions in over 100 disciplines. This experience is fundamental to Athletic Performance Training, Technogym’s complete training methodology which was created with its Olympic heritage at heart.

This completely new and highly effective training discipline, epitomised by SKILLMILL, has been designed to improve the performance of everyday athletes and gym-goers by allowing them to:

  • Expand Work Capacity – to achieve the most effective results and benefits in power, speed, stamina and agility, this principle focuses on using SKILLMILL for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
  • Enhance Abilities – the SKILLMILL improves the body’s ability to carry out complex and difficult movements that require neuromuscular coordination, from basic gradual progression, to advanced fundamental movements.
  • Ensure Safety – preventing injury caused by poor posture and incorrect form is critical to the Athletic Performance Training methodology and is embodied in SKILLMILL’s ergonomic design. The on-board console also displays vital health statistics.

SKILLMILL is capable of training all the body’s energy systems in a single solution, from sprinting to power development, for efficient metabolic conditioning. This is all fully integrated within mywellness app, Technogym’s cloud based training platform. By scanning the SKILLMILL QR code on the mywellness app, users can access a variety of training programs and tools to monitor and track their progress.

To find out more contact Technogym.

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