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Synergy Air Fitness - Power Tower from Synergy Fitness

Synergy Air Fitness – The Power Tower

Synergy Air was founded out of a need to produce high quality, innovative and heavy duty cardio equipment and behind it stands Synergy Fitness. Synergy Fitness is today one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest and most successful distributors of commercial fitness equipment.

The Power Tower Concept – Truly Versatile Training

The Power Tower (PT) is the new old boy in the fitness world, with over 20 years of proven duration, we have given the old boy a new look and a complete different output potential.

The PT is going to change how and where people train as we can do it all with this one equipment. There is simply nothing else out there that can provide you with effective strength training, aerobic and anaerobic workout, coordination practice, increase metabolism and effective toning outcomes.

Through the patented integration of Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) with our air turbine we can generate an unpreceded range of power making the PT an obvious choice for both the elite athlete and the pensioner. The PT can produce anything from 14 watts up towards 1.5 mill watts and all in a smooth transition. Through the CVT we can make the workout strength or aerobically based with an easy turn of a gearing handle.

We took the proven concept and modified it significantly so today we can produce hundreds of different exercises, targeting different areas. This can all be achieved with a simple change of handles and foot plates. You can also choose to train bilateral or unilateral with the PT and with the additional power-band and body weight ring system, you have an endless combination.

Rather than using a static console we have gone with up to date technology and uses a mini-pad with an app to provide the user with accurate workout feedback.

On the app, you can view all the required measurements on one screen as well as store the last 100 workouts within the cloud. With an app, we can constantly upgrade the software and bring in additional features, set up international leaderboards, have exercise and workout displayed and you can even customize your screen. Again this is quite innovative and adds another dimension to the PT.

We developed the first version more than 20 years ago and they are still operating proving the durability of what we make. This is also the reason we can provide 25 years warranty of the frame as we are not afraid to back up our quality ethics. This is unheard of in the fitness industry but we are backing ourselves in.

With the Power Tower you will have the potential of using it individually but it also does very well in a group setting.

With 2 or 3 clients working both on and off the PT, you can create a great variation of circuit training, making it creative, fun and effective 30 min workout. It can be a round of HIT – High intensive training, strength, rehab, pensioners class – there is actually no limit with the PT.

The Power Tower is also very space effective and environmental friendly. We have a footprint of less than 1 square meter (10 square feet) as well as no energy or cords required to operate the PT.

  • Patented integrated continuously variable transmission
  • Power range of up to potentially over one million watts at 150 rpm
  • Automatic range of movement variability up to 650mm

Multiple operational modes, including:

  • Total body climbing
  • Lower body climbing
  • Upper body hang pull and push press
  • Upper body reciprocal hang pull and push press
  • Lower body reciprocal chest press and row
  • Deadlift and pushdown

Check out the action…

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