Styku – The World’s Most Powerful 3D Body Scanner

Portable body scanning technology that is as effective as it is affordable.

Giving your members and personal trainers the ability to view a detailed analysis of progress through effort helps create further revenue opportunities within your facility.

The process is simple. Stand on the automatic turntable for around 30 seconds and the scanner will assemble a unique 3D model from more than one million data points. Each part of the body can then be evaluated in great detail including precise body composition analysis by rotating and zooming the 3D model.

In the gym and fitness industry, the ability to visually illustrate fat-loss changes means it’s a true win-win situation because it allows you to provide your clients with a visual that monitors and charts their exercise efforts.

Members are often dismayed that their training programs don’t yield the desired immediate effects. This can be majorly discouraging and confusing to many. More often than not, members are actually losing fat and gaining muscle. We may try to explain that, but show me a picture any day! Styku allows your trainers to show members their 3D model and pinpoint exactly where they have lost centimetres and replaced body fat with lean muscle mass, keeping them positive about their fitness goals and keen to continue with their program.

Our industry is an ever increasingly results driven market – Styku provides a straightforward visual of progress with very little explanation. Put that on the top of your sales and retention protocols.

Already in 23 countries, Styku is now available in Australia exclusively through EYE Fitness.

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