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EYE Fitness

Our Brands

  • reACT Trainer
  • Sproing
  • Stroops
  • FreeFORM
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Nexersys
  • Trixter X-Biking
  • StriveFit
  • Fit Interactive
  • XerGames
  • ZUU
  • AbSolo

We supply commercial fitness and leisure facilities as well as schools and Studios with NEW and breakthrough technologies proven in the US and UK and now growing in momentum fast across Australia NZ and south East Asia.

Is it time your facility better utilised its often dormant open areas with space efficient products that provide a huge array of diverse programming options that cater for the greater community?

How about engaging products that make exercise FUN?

Whatever your story is, we are sure, we can excite your environment with a specific solution to assist you.

The EYE fitness consultancy concentrates on RESULTS for your business, commercial or council facility or school. EYE fitness identifies your needs and wants, to work to determine products and programs that best suit YOUR budget, facility and goals and appropriate timeframe for rollout. The service extends through to complete facility design, onsite staff training, facility analysis, usage rates and marketing systems PROVEN to target a greater market share. EYE fitness products get RESULTS for users, businesses and organisations

Have you asked yourself these questions:

      1. Ever wondered how to increase your membership numbers?
      2. How can we maximize our midday quiet period?
      3. How do we cater for the time poor people, or those scared of the “traditional’ GYM model.
      4. What can I do to make a difference in my community?

You have a chance to have these questions answered, and the many more questions and concerns facing people and businesses.

EYE fitness is proud and excited to offer all councils, owners/managers of commercial facilities and school principals and community leaders the opportunity of a free business analysis session with our lead consultant David Norman (refer to Bio below). In the current climate take this no obligation, free assessment and reflection on your current business.” Based on this initial review we can tailor more a specific consultancy package and in-depth reviews and reporting onsite to assist your ROI and maximise community engagement and facility utilisation.

About us:

With 1 EYE on the future of fitness and the other EYE assessing the current health and education systems, EYE fitness was established to bridge the gap between inactivity across our youth and adult populations by using and incorporating innovative health and fitness technologies to get more people active. We have solutions for individuals and businesses to all benefit from as well as the elite sport performers.


EYE fitness is dedicated in educating the need for Lifestyle Balance of EVERYONE through exercise. By providing products, programs and solutions to help more people, be more active, more often EYE fitness is making a difference to the health of our countries people and the generations to come.

The EYE fitness management team culminates years of experience crossing industry and knowledge bases to bring organizations real turn-key and proven solutions for health and fitness businesses, not for profit, community facilities, schools and the education system as well as the elite sports and training groups.

Exercise Equipment
Strive’s world renowned adjustable cam (9 in 1) Strength range targeting the muscle from origin to insertion, the beautiful and durable Motus cardio and the exciting and engaging Trixter X-Dream and X-Biking products along with all the traditional free weights and accessories for any facility.

HOPSports, Xergames and Trixter products provide schools and community centres an extensive range of cross curricular based learning and systems to create a happier, healthier generation. Products engage kids and increase participation. We provide turn-key solutions based on 2000+ schools already implementing the NEW PE systems.

Trixter, Xergames, Xavix, Absolo and Strive all provide innovative and interactive games and activities to “trick” people into exercise. EYE fitness is Technology to be used

EYE is more than a import and sales business, it is a dedicated training and consultancy business ensuring every consideration is made for maximal impact of product use relevant to health outcomes, the facility and profitability.Too long has the fitness industry only focused on the 10% of the population and our children not embraced the need the need for regular exercise.

Is it time for you to Excite Your Environment?

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