Life Fitness Introduces Axiom Series

Best-in-class series combines leading biomechanics with an eye-catching design.

Life Fitness Australia today unveiled Axiom Series, a comprehensive and versatile line of strength equipment featuring 10 single-exercise and eight dual-exercise selectorised machines, a dual adjustable pulley, and 12 benches and racks.

Now available globally, Axiom Series delivers simple and reliable biomechanics with an inviting, eye-catching design ideal for many fitness facilities, from health clubs to multi-unit housing, hospitality and more.

Axiom Series single and dual exercise selectorised machines are designed with a low-profile tower that allows for clear sight lines across the floor and can upgrade the appearance of any fitness facility. To ensure exercisers have a smooth and comfortable experience, Axiom Series utilises high-quality weight stacks, guide rods, pulleys and cables, in addition to a standard accessory tray on top of each tower to store a water bottle, towel or mobile phone. Customers can also choose between a rear shroud only or full shroud solution depending on the design of their facility.

“We are thrilled to expand our industry-leading strength portfolio with the Axiom Series to offer fitness facilities a single, complete solution for strength training,” said Dan Wille, Global Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Life Fitness. “We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and we’re excited for them to experience the full breadth and versatility of this line. The Axiom line up features a fresh, inviting design with upgraded biomechanics and is the perfect solution to upgrade the look and strength training experience of any facility.”

Life Fitness Axiom Series benches and racks offer wide-ranging solutions for both storage and training.

There are five racks dedicated to dumbbell storage, a barbell rack and a vertical medicine ball storage rack.

Other key products include a Smith rack, flexibility trainer, abdominal bench and a dip and leg raise.

In addition, the Axiom Series dual adjustable pulley is a centrepiece for functional strength training with limitless training options used for individual workouts, personal training or group training applications.

An optimised weight stack position narrows the footprint without sacrificing function, and a pair of long adjustable handles, an ankle strap and a triceps rope all come standard with the unit.

The line is also user-friendly and approachable to all exercisers. All selectorised units include graphic placards to help exercisers learn what muscle groups they are training and proper exercise motion. QR codes are also scannable via a smart phone to show a video of how to use each machine.

Simple, reliable, and aesthetically designed, the Life Fitness Axiom Series will elevate the strength training experience for any facility with its breadth and versatility. More information about Life Fitness and the Axiom Series is available at

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