PRIMEX Elite Fitness Trainer

The PRIMEX features a dynamic band tensioning system that create pushing or pulling resistance enabling users to fully customise their workout.

PRIMEX’s unique movements demand higher level of muscle oxygenation than typical exercise patterns.

Paul Herberger: Personal trainer, swimming coach and triathlete comments, “As a triathlete I was absolutely blown away by the workout I was able to get in such a short period of time. There is nothing like it – that’s a fact!”

The workout you can get in just a few minutes on the PRIMEX can take our body to a much greater level of fatigue than a typical workout that may up to an hour in the gym.

Dr. Milica McDowell states that “A demand to the VO2Max, which is the oxygen exchange in the body is greatly heightened using the weight bearing position in PRIMEX. Keeping your body fully engaged on the PRIMEX machine is what really stood out to me and the strength required in order to maintain the positions that your body goes through.”

Working out in the prone position that is required by the PRIMEX is a unique demand on the abdominal wall. This demand is something that individuals have previously been unable attain with typical exercise equipment.

Dr. Milica McDowell goes on to explain that “The dynamic challenge of utilising the upper extremity and lower extremity in separate segments is an innovative component of PRIMEX that has not previously been released in a health and fitness market”.

Neurologic demand can help improve the cross wiring of our bodies from our right side to our left side, improving coordination and ultimately performance. “As a clinician, I see a utility in PRIMEX from an efficiency stand point in a gym setting or in a rehab clinic, you’re able to ask an individual to do a shorter duration workout and get greater benefit over time.”

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