World’s First HIIT Factory Franchise Opens In Victoria

In the Spring 2015 edition of the WNiF Magazine, we introduced you to the HIIT Mum, Colette McShane. Now, one of her siblings Mhairi “Vee” McShane, has just opened up the world’s first HIIT Factory franchise, in regional Victoria. We caught up with Vee to learn a little bit about the woman behind the business.

How long have you been a fitness trainer for and tell us a bit about what you’ve been doing in terms of your fitness business?

I have been a fitness trainer for only one year after having time out from fitness taking a different pathway in life. I was encouraged by my sister Colette to participate in a pilot group for her PT in My Pocket app last year. Combined with doing Insanity at home I got fit very quickly with HIIT and just knew I wanted to assist transforming others loves the way I had done my own. Growing up, I was involved in fitness from about the age of two, participating in dance, triathlon, athletics, and I reached state and national levels. My dad had boxing clubs, circuits and gyms and we grew up surrounded with fitness. I started doing running Metafit sessions locally last December as a way to earn a bit of “pocket money” as I also had a full time job.

For the first month I had about five to ten regular clients. It was after Christmas I began to really push it and started growing my client base. The big push came when under my sister’s mentor ship I ran a six-week fitness challenge and over 55 people signed up. Since then it has just kept growing mainly via word-of-mouth. I went to the UK last April and also completed the Insanity course.

All our sessions are based on HIIT and bodyweight and are accessible to everyone including mums, post-injury (we run beginners sessions),busy corporate workers as they are only 30 minutes long and we have over 25 classes a week to choose from.

What made you decide to open up the world’s first HIIT Factory franchise?

I love HIIT. When Colette presented me with the HIIT Factory license model I had to snap it up. The HIIT factory aligns with my business goals and values and exactly what I was seeking to take the next step in my own business. I secured some premises last month in a factory, so decided to push ahead with The HIIT Factory Bairndsdale and it is an honour to be the world’s first one.

Colette and I have very similar visions and apart from the fact it’s great to have a mentorship from someone with the high level of passion and drive that she has, getting to collaborate with my sister is amazing.

I have first-hand seen the success Colette has had with the HIIT Factory and other business ventures, so to have that wealth of experience behind my own is an opportunity I could not pass up.

What are your plans to make the business a success?

As of 2016 there will be a number of other workouts added to our sessions. Some of these will be coming from the UK and we will be some of the first to be presenting to our clients. For the business to evolve I want to ensure my clients have as many options as possible to train and different styles. Customer service is our focus and I ensure I only hire other staff members and instructors who are fit, passionate, customer serviced focus and want to give it 110 per cent, to ensure our clients are reaching their goals.

How important is community involvement for the success of your business?

It is the driving force behind what we do. The team and I have built a strong community here in East Gippsland by encouraging clients to step out there comfort zones and try something new. We have team events and nights out; we’ve established partnerships with other local businesses, and we provide fitness and health content to local media for their publishing purposes.

I am in the process of seting up Parkrun Bairnsdale, which is a weekly timed 5km run event and community support has been amazing. There is a need for what we do at the HIIT Factory, and making it acessible for all (i.e., we encourage parents to bring their kids along as we have a play area for them), and we offer beginner’s sessions (as we don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to be fit and healthy). If I had any advice for others looking to start their own business or HIIT factory franchise then I’d recommend building a community, getting out and networking, and running free events is one key for success.

Is it just you or do you have a business partner/s in the Factory?

I am the sole owner of the Factory but I have a great supportive team of six staff and family; and of course the backing of the HIIT Mum and HIIT Factory Franchise.

What else would you like to tell us about the HIIT Factory Bairnsdale?

Ha ! Our clients love it, we love it ! I wanted to create a space for the community rather being a traditional run-of-the-mill fitness centre that makes our clients feel relaxed, comfortable and in some ways it’s a mix between a cool bar and a fitness studio. We have some unique service offerings such as Insanity and an amazingly supportive group of clients  who all help each other to reach their fitness goals. Already, many friendships have been formed and lives transformed.

Being part of the HIIT factory Franchise has opened up many avenues, not just for myself but also for our clients, in terms of support we receive, and some exclusive training opportunities. It’s great to be part of the revolution.


Are you an AMAZING trainer and would love to take it up a notch with the power of The HIIT Mum and The HIIT Factory brand support?

Spend time with me on strategy / social media / making your business buzzing and awesome?

Check out Vee in the picture who has just opened the The HIIT Factory Bairnsdale – our first ever franchise – which is already BUZZING with energy.

To be eligible for a franchise, you don’t need to have your own space just yet, but it needs to be in the plans for the near future (within three months).

The core values behind the HIIT Factory are:

  • Accessible Fitness
  • Family / Child Friendly
  • Affordable Fitness
  • Little to No equipment (Low set up cost to licensees)
  • Every member is equal.

The HIIT Factory licensees will own their suburb, or a cluster of suburbs is also possible. Get in touch fast as Colette has already received over 200 expressions of interest!

Contact to request information and please pass on to amazing trainers who have a similar outlook and passion to the original HIIT Factory crew!


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