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Commercial fitness equipment leader Precor, has further enhanced their ‘networked’ cardio consoles P82 (15-inch screen) and P62 (10-inch screen) with the release of their latest global software update Preva OS 7.0.

With over 62,000 Preva networked consoles across 82 countries, fitness technology from Precor is continuing to improve and impress operators with its seamless updates and continued advancement in personalised audio and entertainment options for its users.

For the operator, this latest software updates adds a new feature called ‘Manage Apps’ (part of the MyUI™ suite of tools), which allows operators to select which media and entertainment sources they want to make available on the networked Precor consoles.

Jeff Bartee, Principle Product Manager at Precor explains, “Our customers (the facilities), want control over how they deliver their brand experience and reach optimal business health.”

For the exerciser, the Preva 7.0 release enables Single Sign On (SSO). A single touch to instantly access your personal audio and video entertainment apps. With personalisation comes the need for privacy, and the debut of the MyProfile app allows exercisers to be in control of their information and easily manage their Preva account information and third party app login credentials.

“Precor continually strives to personalise the exerciser experience and deliver a compelling experience within the context of a workout,” comments Bartee.

Bartee concludes, “Exercisers compare our digital experience to what they have on their phones. The Preva 7.0 release meet that threshold by enabling a single touch launch of apps, providing the ability to personalise the layout of the home screen, and delivering curated, compelling, and fresh content on a regular basis. No one else does that.”

Along with delivering on its promise of ‘fitness made personal’ by enabling exercisers to access their personal audio and video entertainment app accounts via networked Precor consoles, the 7.0 software release brings tools and services to enable facilities to deliver on their business model through the Precor console.

For more information on the range of Precor commercial fitness equipment, the Preva networked fitness solution or to find out what networked fitness is and what it can do for your facility enquire below.

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