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Polar Beat Free Training & Exercise App

POLAR Beat – Training & Exercise App

Polar Beat – Training & exercise app.

Polar Beat is a free training and exercise app. You can start training without any Polar devices, but the app will benefit you the most when you use it with a Bluetooth heart rate sensor.

Download the Polar Beat app from Goole Play or from the Apple App Store then simply sign in with your Polar account or register as a new user.

You can also use the app without signing in. If you do sign, all your training details will be saved to the Polar Flow web service where you can view them in more detail at any time.

By signing in, you also have access to over 100 sport profiles which you can use in your training.

Before you start training, wear the Polar heart rate sensor, then choose your sport, turn the GPS on and your ready to go.

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