What Not To Say When Booking A Client In For A Consultation

Article by Paul Wright.

I love visiting health businesses.

They are usually full of passionate team members – who love what they do – enjoy helping people feel better and have dedicated owners who are trying to do their best for all concerned – clients and team members alike.

However – what I like most about visiting health businesses is they provide me with an endless supply of content for my business based emails and seminars.

Here is a simple conversation between a well meaning Physiotherapist who had just completed this clients physio session and her patient – who wanted to book a massage with one of the resident massage therapists.

Client – “When are your massage therapists available I would love to book a  massage?”

Physio – “Lets see – Brian is available Monday and Thursday – and Tina is here on Tuesday and Friday”

Client – “Who would you prefer I see – Tina or Brian?”

Physio – “Look I hav’nt had a massage with Brian – but I had one with Tina and she was pretty good”.

Ding Dong – Alarm bells have just gone off – and I almost swallowed my own tongue whilst sitting in the waiting room.

Can you see the problem here? And I can tell you it is not the physio’s fault.
It is the business owners fault.

Firstly – the owner MUST make sure that all therapists have at least one treatment session with every other therapist in the business – so they all know exactly what each member of the team do.

Secondly – the owner needs to train every team member on what to say when booking in a new client.

“She was pretty good” does not fill me with enthusiasm and make me confident of receiving a great service from the massage therapist.

For goodness sake – it is hard enough to get clients in the door for a service without erecting extra fences they need to jump over to secure a treatment session.

Imagine how different the client would have felt if the physio said something like:

” I have been lucky enough to have a massage with both of them – and you cannot go wrong either way – I walked out of both massages feeling like I was floating on air – I now book in at least once a week whenever I can squeeze into their busy schedules“.

See the difference?

Each and every one of your team members need to be walking billboards for your business – not road blocks that hamper your business success.

So keep a close ear on exactly what your team members are saying when booking clients and fix these business success handbrakes as soon as you can.

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