MX4 Training System: How To Inspire Members & Deliver Results

If you’re looking to drive revenue and differentiate your group training offering in a way that attracts, engages and retains members, then you need to bring the MX4 Training System to your facility.

Only MX4 combines Matrix-exclusive equipment and original turnkey programming to create a signature group exercise experience that members will invest in and commit to more frequently.

Programming for Everybody. And Any Body.
Our original turnkey programming addresses multiple aspects of fitness — cardio, power, strength and endurance — for a complete exercise experience.

You can modify programming to fit members of all ability levels, and scale the program to accommodate small groups or large groups, easily expanding as popularity grows.


The MX4 Training System leverages Matrix-exclusive equipment like our Connexus Functional Training System, S-Drive Performance Trainer, Rower and Krankcycle. These unique tools can be used in virtually limitless combinations to keep group training so fresh and engaging that your members are sure to come back for more.

CONNEXUS: The Center of MX4
Ideal for functional training where users perform weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities, Connexus gives you maximum flexibility, virtually unlimited expandability and the ability to offer immediate feedback to help refine user form.

MX4 Training System Options

A variety of attachment points accommodate a wide range of accessories and training modalities, so you can create signature experiences that serve each group’s fitness level and needs.

Add any of the following line-up to your MX4 training space >>

MX4 Training System fro Matrix

Our Certified Master Trainers will come to your facility to teach you and your trainers everything you need to help participants establish overall conditioning, enhance their existing abilities and elevate their fitness with MX4.

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