Pioneering 3D fitness assessment technology now available in Australia

Pioneering fitness assessment technology that generates a 3D image of the body during exercise is now available in Australia.

Motion analysis – available exclusively through Motion Analysis Lab – measures the body’s movements and immediately translates the data into an accurate report, which makes it a whole lot easier for you to achieve better results at the gym and avoid injuries.

Motion analysis is a bit like the technology used to create movement in animated movies and video games. It uses eight infrared cameras to generate a super-detailed 3D image of the body.

“In a standard 30-minute fitness assessment that costs $95, you perform five repetitions of five exercises – a squat, hurdle step, pike stretch, push-up and shoulder mobility movement – which together generate movement and mobility in every joint,” said Shahar Tal, founder of Motion Analysis Lab.

“Treadmills, exercise bikes and other gym equipment can also be used during an assessment to analyse specific types of movement. We also provide joint assessments for any type of injury. You can watch the 3D image of your body on a large screen during the assessment.”

The system views every angle and movement of the body. It’s able to see much more than the naked eye, collecting data on movement, speed and distance to 1mm and capturing more than one million data points per minute. The data compares the left and right sides, identifies movement imbalances and motion deficiencies, and highlights technique problems.

“Immediately after the assessment you’re presented with a detailed report that outlines imbalances, movement restrictions, movement patterns, weaknesses and more, which you can bring along to your next gym session or appointment with an exercise professional,” said Tal.

‘The report contains recommendations for the types of exercises that will be beneficial to your body as well as tips to help your exercise professional create a workout that caters to your needs.”

Motion analysis has been used in medical circles – helping to treat conditions like cystic fibrosis – and by elite athletes for many years but Motion Analysis Lab is the first company to make the technology available to the general public in Australia. It is also a valuable referral tool for health and exercise professionals.

Fitness assessments are available at the Melbourne-based studio, where a rebate is available through private health insurance. Plans are in place for an Australia-wide expansion, so watch this space!

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