GRIP ON™ Lifting Grips

GRIP ON™ lifting grips is simple, new technology, that’s replacing training gloves worldwide and now available in Australia from Dynamic Lifestyle.

Our proprietary hexagon design undergoes a process called “Nihon etching” which provides the perfect feel and fit for most pieces of gym and Pilates equipment. GRIP ON™ lifting grips are engineered to supply a solid performance-increasing grip along with hygienic protection and durable reliability – the perfect fitness accessory for a firm, non-slip grip that enables you to lift more weight with less stress to your hands, wrists, and forearms.

GRIP ON™ lifting grips features: –

• Isolates muscles for an optimum workout
• Reduces stress to the hands and wrists
• Increases lifting potential
• Prevents soreness
• Provides hygienic workout
• Eliminates the need for chalk
• Interchangeable in seconds
• Provides firm controllable non-slip grip
• Can be used on Pilates equipment and accessories
• Helps prevents blisters and calluses
• Increases grip traction on ropes
• Completely washable
• One size fits all

GRIP ON™ lifting grips are not too thick, and not too thin and do not have any rubbery or plastic odors found in common materials. They are easily washed with hot water and antibacterial soap for sanitizing to keep dirt, oils, and lotion residue from getting between you and your exercise!

At only $29.95 a pair, GRIP ON™ lifting grips are the perfect training accessory for your gym members or PT clients.

GRIP ON™ lifting grips are sold exclusively through their Australian distributor Dynamic Lifestyle.

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