Modibodi High Performance Underwear

Modibodi is an Australian brand that manufactures fashionable and comfortable, high-performing underwear from premium natural and synthetic fabrics.  Modibodi garments use patented fibre technologies to give women everyday freshness and protect against life’s common unmentionables- light bladder leakage, menstrual onset/spotting, discharge, odour and sweat.

The patented fibre technology is the result of 18 months of rigorous scientific testing (close to 1,000 tests were conducted) and 100 textile engineers were consulted to develop the most effective fabrics.

Collections include classic, sensual, active, smooth, maternity and curvy. A range of styles are available including bikini, boyleg, high leg, full brief and thong; Modibodi has every woman covered. Each style is available in either a leak proof or moisture wicking design (to prevent odour and sweat) so they are suitable for women who experience light bladder leakage or menstrual overflow, or women who just want to stay fresh and dry, especially when exercising or travelling.

Prices range from $19.50 to $69.50. Modibodi is available online

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