Fitness First High Performance Training Club

Athlete-inspired training, to make you fitter, stronger, faster, leaner.

Training looks different at the High Performance Club because there, they look at training a different way

Fitness First believe anyone can train like an athlete to reach their very best, either to meet their own personal fitness goals or to get an edge in life.

The Fitness First High Performance Club will give you this edge.

Based on exercise science, the club has the power to make you fitter, stronger, faster and leaner.

The Performance Coaches will work with you to unlock the benefits of training like an athlete through results focused, trackable, progress-driven stages.

1. Understand how you move

The first step when you enter the High Performance Club is to understand how you move.

With the latest in fitness analysis technology Fitness First will measure your fitness in multiple
dimensions to show your current general fitness level, identify your goals and develop a personalised performance improvement program to help to progress to where you want to be.

We can measure your strength, speed, movement, body composition and aerobic capacity. It’s not just about using science to achieve results; it’s about listening to your body and making your training about you.

There are two assessments available within the High Performance Club:

Performance Score:

A 30-minute fitness assessment that will give you a total score based on the combined measures of strength (max and dynamic), condition (speed and agility) and power.

360-degree Performance Analysis:

Two 45-minute assessments which provide a comprehensive analysis across four variables:

> Biology (body composition, metabolism, bone density)
> Conditioning (Aerobic Capacity)
> Strength (maximum strength and velocity)
> Movement (measured and recorded in our own MoveLab)


The leading-edge video analysis and testing data technology in our custom designed MoveLab provides digital feedback through motion and performance testing.

Insights into your movement, strength, body composition, speed and aerobic capacity from your MoveLab assessment will empower you to shape how you move and function in a more proactive way.

Individual performance training programs are developed from your MoveLab insights, with the aim to improve your overall performance.

2. Move

Armed with in-depth knowledge about your fitness potential, it’s time to put your performance into action.

Life is played in 3D, so it’s important you train in 3D so you can move with strength, speed and power in all directions.

True athletic movement is expressed from the ground up, with a strong and stable base and foundation of natural movement patterns, which is why we have developed a wide range of science-based training options for you to explore.


3. Progress

An athlete always has their eye on their next personal best, and at the Fitness First High Performance Club we take the same approach with your training.

Inspired by the principles of athletic coaching, your Performance Coaches will periodically reassess your personal fitness gains.

Using these insights into your achievements they will recalibrate your workout to help you progress.

Your personal performance improvement program will optimise your progress.

It’s about moving forward, never standing still, becoming fitter, stronger, faster and leaner with every workout. We are your support team ready to take you to the next level.

You can continue to progress with one-on-one Personal Training or through our High Performance Group Training classes.

The team at the High Performance Club are a progress-driven support unit, always looking for the extra percent you didn’t think you had.

Club Features

Your training is supported by world class facilities including:


  • Free weights
  • Ground base Hammer Strength training
  • Human Sport cable machines
  • Woodway Performance treadmills
  • Cardio conditioning
  • 20m Athletic track
  • High Performance strength cages
  • High Performance training equipment
  • Olympic Lifting Platforms


  • Group Exercise Studio
  • Recovery Studio
  • Cycle Studio

This is your world. Get more from it.

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