Life Fitness Training – FlexStrider Stride Techniques

Life Fitness introduces their first variable strider trainer, the FlexStrider.

If this is a new motion for you, we recommend you start off with a shorter stepping stride.

Keeping your arms on the bullhorns and keeping a short stride. As you get ore comfortable, you can add the upper body to the motion and increase the stride length.

If your a runner, you’ll see you can take it to a full stride length – an excellent training tool for those that run outside as it takes on that natural motion of running.

The variable strider allows you to very easily take it back down to a shorter stride.

For beginners this is a great way to start because you don’t have to use the upper body. For the more advanced users it really is a full body workout when you add the arms to the motion and you get a great workout.

The Life Fitness FlexStrider variable stride training is a fully customisable experience for all fitness levels and fitness goals.


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