Friday , July 1 2022

Les Mills Australia


Les Mills does not stand still. It’s not in our nature. While the world around us moves fast, we move faster. Innovation is at our core. And that is what makes us the world leader in group fitness.

As we evolve Les Mills programs we see people getting fitter and healthier, faster. Now with our new SMART TECH equipment innovations we can help them do it smarter.

After three years of intensive research and design, Les Mills created the SMARTBAR™ and the SMARTSTEP™ to revolutionize your workout and take your training to the next level.

Our Services

  • A dedicated equipment team to service your needs
  • Financial assistance options
  • Two year warranty
  • Tracking service
  • Installation options

Our Range

  • SMARTBAR™ barbell
  • SMARTSTEP™ fitness step
  • Individual weights in 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg
  • SMARTBAR™ racks
  • Locking units
  • SMARTSTEP™ risers
  • SMARTBAND™ resistance bands

Why choose Les Mills SMARTBAR™?

  • Ergonomic design allows plates to comfortably be used as hand weights
  • Rotating ends enable smoother movement which, improves form and aids muscle isolation
  • The ‘gator’ clip allows quick and easy transitions – even during tracks
  • The ‘gator’ is engineered from abrasion and impact resistant ‘Zytel’
  • Strong and durable construction

Why choose Les Mills SMARTSTEP™?

  • Multi-directional surface improves grip while increasing back and hand comfort during bench work
  • Incline functionality for propulsion work (one riser high) and bench work (up to four risers high)
  • Easy to clean improving hygiene
  • Red target line improves foot placement can act as a coaching reference
  • Increased stability, non-slip feet and improved riser alignment so you can leap onto it in confidence
  • Strong and durable. Tested to withstand even the toughest Les Mills classes
  • Independent risers allow for variation in height options
  • Step can be locked as a unit, allowing you to pick it up in one piece
  • Lightweight and contoured sides make it easy to carry
  • Notches in deck and riser base allow for easy resistance band integration
  • Rubber feet allow for improved shock absorption reducing strain on joints.
  • Decks nest so they use 20% less floor space and don’t require racks

Why choose Les Mills SMARTBAND™?

  • Consistent force increase technology means the resistance will remain the same through the entire range of movement.
  • Made with thermoplastic elastomer instead of latex or rubber so the SMARTBAND will far out last traditional resistance bands
  • Designed with a flat profile to prevent the band rolling or slipping throughout exercise
  • The nylon webbing in the handles move freely through the spine ensuring ease of movement as well as the optimal surface for gripping in the hand
  • Handles are compressible so you can anchor under foot comfortably.
  • Improved functionality through a range of moves.

Les Mills are the creators of famous pre-choreographed fitness programs such as BODYPUMP®, RPM™ and GRIT™ Series. Established in 1996, Les Mills are global leaders in group fitness and group fitness education, and are now taking innovation a step further bringing you ergonomically design and functional group fitness equipment.


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