How To Maximise Motivation In Your Group Indoor Cycling Class

The quest for suppliers to manufacture the ultimate indoor cycle expereince continues with the increasing popularity of indoor group cycling classes within gyms and boutique studios.

So why are group cycling classes so popular?

Well, on the back of the boutique cycling studio frenzy in the US (more about that in the Summer Edition of the WNiF Magazine), the performance technology now available inside the actual bike and the plethora of feedback metrics can have a huge impact.

Think tech features such as freewheel drivetrain and oversized chain with automated tension system (for an authentic outdoor ride feel), dual resistance options (air and magnetic), then on-bike screen data capture performance metrics such as Polar View (editors favourite – details left and right force applied through each pedal stroke), add in third party app connectivity (through Bluetooth, Ant+) to access and analyse your workout and even create training plans and round it off with big screen immersive display with effort, output, training zone (and more), it seems all the bases are covered to simulate that outdoor road feel in the comfort of a studio with enough stats to keep a mathematician happy – but do your members care about this?

We think they do because the combination of the ‘feel’ of a performance cycle, the personal feedback (even after your workout), the immersive visual and display of individual and group efforts can be highly motivating, giving you are real sense of achievement. Mission accomplished. Rewarding and FUN. Isn’t that the main reason we exercise in the first place.

New Standards In Performance – Introducing the IC8 Indoor Power Trainer from Life Fitness.

Bringing together experts at Indoor Cycling Group (ICG) and elite cycling coach Hunter Allen (co-developer of TrainingPeaks WKD+ software and founder Peaks Coaching Group), Life Fitness has been the catalyst in the design and manufacture of what is a world-class alternative to traditional indoor cycles.

“The IC8 is the new standard in power training,” said Bernd Puerschel, Vice President of ICG. “We worked closely with athletes to create an authentic indoor experience. Inspired by the movement of road cycling, triathlon and athletic-performance training, the IC8 has greater power accuracy and wattage than any trainer available in the market today.”

Delivering the ergonomics, drive and feel of a road and triathlon bike where you actually expereince total control over acceleration and coast to recover (that’s the freewheel drivetrain) underlines the superior performance the IC8 offers.

There is so much more to this machine though.

IC8 Power Trainer Features

IC8 - Indoor Group Cycling Power Trainer

If your facility is looking to target cyclists looking for an authentic indoor training expereince, the IC8 should be a serious contender.

Capturing the collective efforts of riders and providing a scenic and immersive group ride through ICG Connect means the IC8 is perfect for indoor group cycling providing class camaraderie and motivation.

Maximise motivation in your indoor group cycling class – offer great riding experience and accurate feedback on every ride. 

For more information on what the IC8 Power Trainer can add to your cardio floor or cycle studio, enquire with Life Fitness.

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