3 Secrets Facebook Pro’s Use To Make Millions

The fail-proof strategies that virtually guarantees the success of your Facebook Ads in 60 days or less…

Facebook can be a sometimes unpredictable beast, constantly changing its algorithm and doubling the cost of your conversions without so much as a warning or an indication why. These 3 secrets we are about to share with you, will expose the secrets the Facebook pros use to get their clients consistently returning sales in the $100,000+’s.

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] You Can Guess All You Want, But You Don’t Know Unless You Try.

With Facebook campaigns, we cannot stress the importance of split testing. Split testing is a common tactic used by digital marketers to scientifically test the right headline, description, video, photo or call to action, has the best return on ad spend. Although this requires more work than simply throwing up a single ad and hoping for the best, at the end of your test period you will have undisputable data that you can use to not only dictate the direction of your ads but the direction of your business’s message and branding.

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Would You Marry Someone On The First Date?

Yes, of course, there is going to be that 1% of people that’ll pop down on one knee on the first date but it’s just not realistic to think that that is everybody on every first date. So if asking someone to marry you on the first date seems totally ridiculous then why are you doing the same thing to your customers?

Bombarding your customers with “Free 7 Day Trial” or “Special Upfront Discount” is the equivalent of skipping to the end and dropping to the knee on the first date.

What you should be doing instead, is thinking about each stage of your customer’s consideration and targeting them accordingly. This should be conveyed in what you say and your tone of text and/or content.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] They Won’t Say Yeas (At First)

When you target someone on Facebook, you are interrupting their newsfeed. Studies have shown that the average person has to be shown an ad 7 TIMES , before they consider buying. This is why it’s important to retarget, based on Video View Percentage as well as retargeting your website visitors, because you can dramatically speed up that process if you’re retargeting a pool of people who have already expressed an interest.

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Article written by Cameron Schroeder for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2019 Edition.

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