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How To: Energise Your Cardio Offering

A new and exciting way to attract and maintain members is about to land on our shores, and it’s got the Aussie fitness industry talking!

Life Fitness On Demand™ has been developed in response to exerciser’s ever-growing need for quality coaching that can be accessible at any time.

This new captivating feature is embedded into the premium Discover SE3 HD consoles, and is set to redefine how health clubs and facilities offer cardio workouts to their exercisers.

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Life Fitness On Demand™ is the latest addition to the already entertainment-rich connected Discover SE3 HD consoles, providing a library of instructor-led workouts that enable members to complete the workouts they want, whenever and however they choose – i.e., on demand!

These engaging and motivating instructor-led workouts, are designed to immerse your members and guests in virtual classes that are filmed in the heart of New York City with cutting-edge technology at NEOU Studios.

To learn more about our partnership with NEOU click here.

The Benefits of Life Fitness On Demand™

  • Re-energise Your Cardio Equipment for Free
    Our digital library can be enabled at no charge on all internet-connected Discover SE3 HD consoles. Need to connect your Consoles? Contact Us.
  • Cardio Classes To Suit Everyone’s Schedule
    The flexibility of on-demand classes will keep exercisers coming back for more, on their own time, by enabling them to choose exactly when and how they want to work out.
  • Boost Your Cardio Choices
    Classes have been specifically designed for our entire range of cardio with connected Discover SE3 HD consoles. Boost member usage of treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, PowerMills, and Arc Trainers.
  • Exciting For All Exercisers
    Workouts are available for beginner to advanced exercisers, they vary in duration, and are led by a team of instructors who bring an exciting variety of coaching styles.
  • Dynamic Coaches
    Our motivating instructors have diverse fitness backgrounds and have taught at some of the top boutique studios in New York City and Chicago.
  • Growing Library
    Classes are added on a regular basis to keep the on-demand experience fresh and inviting.

Life Fitness On Demand™ is available in Australia from Tuesday 28th January via connected Discover SE3 HD consoles for treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, PowerMills, and Arc Trainers.

To find out more about more about attracting and retaining members using Life Fitness On Demand™ and how to get connected, contact the team at Life Fitness on 1800 689 622 or email. View Life Fitness On Demand online.

More on Life Fitness?
Life Fitness Australia is the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading fitness brands: Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group and SCIFIT. To view the range or simply ask a question, call 1800 689 622 or enquire below.


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