Monday , June 1 2020
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Grow Your Business With Wearable Technology Matrix Fitness

Did you know that wearable fitness technology such as trackers and smartwatches are an opportunity you can tap into to grow your business?

Whether your members have tried them in the past and ditched them, or they are currently using them to track and monitor their fitness and health, you can capitalise on both scenarios and embrace tech and set your business apart.

Matrix has a video featuring Ted Vickey, the founder and president of fitness consulting company Fitwell, discussing what wearables can mean for the industry.

Watch the video here to find out:

  • How technology has disrupted many other industries and what the fitness industry can learn from this.
  • The reliability of apps
  • The benefits of human face-to-face contact and personalised service wearables can never match
  • Working in conjunction with tech instead of against it


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