Fitness Industry Booms As Temperatures Drop

Winter workouts on the rise but Aussies disagree on ways to make the greatest gains

Aussies are preparing to fight the flab this winter according to new research which has revealed a spike in demand for personal trainers this May, with support in weight loss the overwhelming priority.

Based on thousands of job requests posted on Oneflare, a leading online marketplace connecting Australians with trade and service experts, the data showed a 52 per cent spike in requests for personal trainers in May this year compared to last, with 75 per cent of those seeking support from these experts to shed kilos.

Oneflare Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Adam Dong, said the way Australians approach working with personal trainers varies greatly from city to city, as does the price point.

“Along with weight loss, help with diet, fitness and cardio, muscle gain, rehabilitation and strength are all on the agenda, although in very different measures. For example, in Sydney and Perth, muscling up is on the rise, while in Brisbane we saw interest drop significantly (22 per cent) this year. From high intensity cardio fans to powerlifters, fitness regimens look very different across the country. Unsurprisingly, Sydneysiders are spending the most on their fitness at an average $70 per session. That’s $25 more than their west coast counterparts, who pay an average of just $45 in Perth.”

For more on city-by-city trends, see below further key findings.

Sydney: The early rising, fit foodies

A third (33 per cent) of Sydneysiders are not put off by cold dark mornings, making them the most likely to book in pre-work sessions. They also won’t be caught grabbing a croissant on their commute with a 15 per cent jump in requests for advice on diet compared to last year.

A third (32 per cent) also wanted help gaining muscle, potentially inspired by fellow Sydneysider and actor, Hugh Jackman. Meanwhile interest in cardio and fitness dropped by seven per cent.

Melbourne: The daytime dynamos

Getting the best out of the daylight hours, Melbournians put in the most (22 per cent) requests for sessions during office hours, working on fitness and cardio (59 per cent) and strength (42 per cent), although interest in these goals fell by seven and eight per cent respectively this year.

Potentially inspired by model Rachel Finch’s park workouts, Melbournians were most (44 per cent) likely to request outdoor sessions. Rehabilitation support is on the rise, making six per cent gains.

Brisbane: The full-time fitspirations 

Brisbanites are most likely to put in the hours this winter with the highest number (66 per cent) of requests for sessions a few times a week or even every day.

Following Adele’s and Kim Kardashian West’s recent weight loss successes, there’s no interest in being big in Brisbane with 59 per cent of people looking for help with fitness and cardio, while interest in gaining muscle dropped by 22 per cent in 2016.

Perth: The post-work powerlifters 

‘Winter is coming’ for the people of Perth, who seem to be keen to emulate Game of Thrones actor and former World’s Strongest Man, “Thor” Björnsson. Requests for building muscle rose by 24 per cent and gaining strength by 16 per cent this year.

The dark nights don’t bother these tough men and women either, as they were most (40 per cent) likely to ask for workouts at the end of the day.

Dong added: “It’s encouraging to see that people are pre-empting the infamous winter weight gain period, and Oneflare is clearly helping connect people with the experts they need in increasing numbers. For us, it’s a true win to know that we are supporting the health and wellbeing goals of the nation, no matter how they choose to get there.”

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