Swisse Launches Kids’ Vitamin Range

Australia’s number one natural health brand Swisse has announced it will launch a sugar-free, tooth friendly children’s range in June this year, offering Australian families a complete range of high-quality, premium health products based on scientific evidence.

The no-added sugar vitamin and supplement range suitable for 2 to 12-year olds, is a collection of five products especially developed for growing bodies and includes: Multi, Fish Oil, Vitamin C + Zinc, Calcium + D3 and Probiotic.

“Some parents may be concerned that their children are low on important vitamins and minerals either because they’re unable to eat certain foods due to medical conditions, or are selective eaters. Incorporating a vitamin supplement will allow children to receive vital nutrients that they may otherwise miss out on. We have really taken our time to ensure our first complete children’s range will meet the health needs of children. We’ve created products that parents know they can trust are beneficial for their child, and are not full of sugar or other additives that children’s vitamins are known to typically incorporate for taste.”  says Swisse Head of Technical Innovation, Antoinette-Louise Barnardo.

The unique formulations and ingredients of the Swisse Kids range are based on scientific evidence and tailored to meet children’s nutritional needs and the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Swisse Ambassador and mother of two young girls, Karen Martini welcomes the launch of Swisse Kids, “We all know how busy our kids can be these days because we are the ones running around after them! This sometimes means eating on the run between their school, social and sporting activities. Swisse Kids provides parents a way to boost their children’s nutritional intake in conjunction with a balanced diet.”

The chewable, tooth friendly formulations and popular flavours will appeal to children. Parents will also welcome the absence of any artificial flavours. Additionally, Swisse Kids is free from gluten and peanuts, and has no added lactose, yeast or egg, making it suitable for special dietary needs. The range will include:

  • Swisse Kids Multi
  • Swisse Kids Fish Oil
  • Swisse Kids Vitamin C + Zinc
  • Swisse Kids Calcium + D3
  • Swisse Kids Probiotic
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