Fitness First Partners With Wexer Virtual

A new partnership between Fitness First’s Connected Fitness Labs and Wexer Virtual is expanding the world of digital fitness

Connected Fitness Labs, a stand-alone subsidiary of Fitness First, and Wexer Virtual today reveals that they have partnered. The two companies have combined Connected Fitness Labs’ intelligent health & fitness app and Wexer Virtual’s platform and exercise content from top brands, to create a unique and extensive digital fitness solution that can be white labelled by gym chains anywhere in the world.

“We work with the majority of the biggest club groups worldwide and they are more or less all looking to expand their digital ecosystems to meet an increased consumer demand for mobility, flexibility and support. It was clear to me, when I understood how strong Connected Fitness Labs’ app is, that we, by combining our technologies, can meet that need in our industry”, says CEO of Wexer Virtual, Paul Bowman, to how and why this partnership has come about.

The unique new solution, that will be available with clubs’ own brands, will develop personalised workouts, set goals and provide access to a library of hundreds of exercises, video demonstrations and group exercise classes. It will track members’ progress and provide feedback on their fitness.

From an operator’s perspective, the app will provide data on member behaviour to help clubs improve the overall gym experience and drive retention. Additionally, the solution will soon have an online booking system and allow clubs to create in-club challenges and engaging digital leader boards.

Looking one layer deeper, the Wexer Virtual/Connected Fitness Labs solution applies the principles of behavioural psychology to deliver a truly engaging fitness experience, fusing technology, fitness expertise and motivational science to gain and retain members for longer while providing the gym chains tools to increase secondary revenue through digital services and in-app purchases.

David Langridge, Managing Director of Connected Fitness Labs says, “Technology is shaping the future of most industries and we are really looking forward to bringing this next-generation digital tool to the fitness industry – and equally excited to be partnering with Wexer Virtual, who are already a well-known and successful brand. We believe our skill sets of digital science and fitness industry expertise combine to offer something that is very unique and very valuable to both members and operators 24/7/365”.

Bowman and Langridge expect to launch the first club group on the new solution in the third quarter of 2016. Parties interested in reviewing the app are invited to connect directly with Wexer Virtual.

About Connected Fitness Labs 

The Connected Fitness Labs business initially incubated by Fitness First, is now a stand-alone centre for innovation, creating solutions for the broader industry. The Connected Fitness Labs team is comprised of a core group of fitness, digital developers and technical experts, as well as motivation and data scientists. Connected Fitness Labs are the next step on the journey that begun in 2013, when Fitness First began to re-engineer its clubs and business based on behavioural psychology, and announced its new fitness philosophy, enhanced staff expertise and range of new workouts, backed by a global £225m investment.

About Wexer Virtual 

With offices in the UK, Europe and US Wexer Virtual works with the majority of the top 25 health clubs across 30+ countries, making world class exercise available to more people through the use of technology.

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