Australian Institute Of Fitness Updates Its Curriculum

As Australia’s #1 fitness training organisation, the Australian Institute of Fitness is first to have made changes to its courses, ensuring that students are offered the most relevant and unique learning experiences. In line with this, The Institute has today announced significant updates to three of its industry leading courses; Master Trainer, Remedial Massage Therapist and Fitness Business Essentials. The courses have been redesigned specifically to give students the latest information and research, giving them the knowledge that the industry is asking for.

Building on the popular Master Trainer ProgramTM , the most recognised course in the fitness industry and one of the most comprehensive fitness qualifications in Australia, The Institute’s new Master Trainer ProgramTM  is the only fitness course to assess on six extra criteria, which when achieved, will graduate students with an Institute Certified Master Trainer Level 1 and equip them with the skills and knowledge they will need to excel in the fitness industry. It is also the first fitness course to incorporate the latest in technological solutions for the fitness industry, including movement screening applications, range of motion testers, wearable technology (heart rate monitors and activity trackers e.g. FitBit) and timing devices.

The new Remedial Massage Therapist course is the first and only Diploma of Remedial Massage to offer an Institute Sports Trainer certification, an Institute certified Functional Movement Therapist course and is the first and only course to focus on rehabilitation, injury prevention and corrective exercise treatments for the ‘recreational athlete’ and everyday ‘gym-goer’. It now also includes a FREE 12-month Senior Level 1 membership with the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT).

Specifically designed for Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists, the new Fitness Business Essentials course is the first and only course to include implementation strategies on how to start and run a profitable fitness and/or massage business; help to design, create and launch personal websites and conduct real life case studies of successful fitness professionals and industry influencers to give strategies that can be implemented in just six weeks.

According to Dyanne Ward, Commander in Chief (CEO) of the Australian Institute of Fitness:

“As the longest established fitness training organisation in Australia, we have invested over 30 years into staying on top of industry changes to develop the most outstanding and quality learning environments and offerings available. This ensures that our graduates are fully equipped and ready to head into the industry to pursue their careers in fitness and become industry leaders themselves. The introduction of our new course updates ensures that we offer the best and most unique learning experience possible. They will help our students become more successful and profitable fitness professionals, through building on their existing knowledge. Having best in class trainer and massage skills will enable our graduates to get better results for their clients, and the newly updated Fitness Business Essentials course will ensure they have the skills to grow their fitness or massage business through effective sales and marketing strategies.”

Enrolments for the new courses are open now and study will commence across Australia from June 2016. The Australian Institute of Fitness operates world-class campuses in and around every major Australian city.

For further course information contact The Institute.

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