Ecomo Smart Water Bottle

Ecomo Smart Water Bottle – Is this the world’s best water ever water bottle?

Well, we think so!

Ecomo is the world’s first bottle that tests and actually filters water.

With the smart water bottle, you can test your own water safety levels. A shake of the bottle analyses Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Turbidity and Water Temperature in just 3 seconds.

Shake to test, twist to filter: A Smart Bottle that helps you to get rid of contaminants.

Accurate analysis
With Ecomo Bottle, you are able to monitor:-

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) – pesticides, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products
  • Total Dissolves Solids (TDS) – dissolved salts, metals and other impurities
  • Turbidity – silt, rust and cloudiness
  • Temperature – water temperature

Double layer insulation
Keeps water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Ecomo Water Bottle - Insulation


Long lasting battery
Quick Recharge. One hour charge gets you one week of use!

Ecomo Water Bottle - Battery


Ecomo app

Real-time water quality alert, check history data, choose to report your data to the water quality map, get hydration alerts and be notified when to change your filter.

Ecomo Water Bottle - App


Bluetooth wristband
A wearable activity tracker that computes your hydration needs, tracks your intake and alerts you about bad water quality. The Ecomo Bottle is also compatible with Apple Watch and FitBit.

Ecomo Water Bottle - Activity Tracker


Ecomo Smart Bottle is the first smart bottle that tells you what’s in your water and then transforms it into perfectly a clean,safe, refreshing drink.

The Ecomo Bottle will be available soon and you can pre-order your own here.

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