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Clubworx Gym Software - Free 15 Day Trial

Clubworx – Fitness Management Software – 15 Day Free Trial

A question for you…Are you ready to take your gym or studio to the next level, but don’t quite know what you need to get there?

Well, don’t feel too bad, you are not alone. And you can’t find it, because there is no one thing, there is no silver bullet solution. The reality is, you have to be doing lots of the right things to really put your business into overdrive and stay ahead of the competition. You need marketing, sales, payments, client relationships and good staff all working together.

Now, that may sound like a lot of things that you, as the business owner, need to be doing. And at times it can seem overwhelming, right? Don’t worry, we’re going to share a secret with you. Growing the type of fitness business you’ve always wanted is… super achievable. You just need to be smart about the systems and processes you put in place to run your business.

It’s not just what you do, but how you do it that makes all of these things very simple.

Clubworx fitness management software helps you be clever about how you do things, it is your control centre for all of these moving parts. Our software takes care of the grunt work so you can simply and easily focus on the bigger picture – those things that are going to give you the type of business you’ve always wanted.

And you know what’s a bit cool, we are an Australian business, just like you. That means reliable local support when you need it. Finally an online system with Australian support staff. With Clubworx, there is always someone to answer your calls, instant messages, or email in YOUR OWN timezone. We think that’s worth it’s weight in gold, don’t you?

We are so confident in our product and service that we don’t lock you into contracts. We earn your business every month. Best of all, we are constantly investing in our software platform. We release regular system updates based on your feedback and changing industry requirements. To stay ahead of your competition, you need a system that is progressive and keeps up with the latest trends and that is just what we do!

If you are running a gym, PT studio or Martial Arts school, here are 4 great reasons to try Clubworx.

  1. Support when you need it – Let’s be honest, when something goes wrong and you need support, it is not ideal to wait for an overseas call centre to get back to you the next day. Depending on what the issue is, this timeframe can create embarrassment for you or your client. We all want our issues resolved quickly and we want to be able to speak to someone in our own timezone.
  2. A great piece of software you that grows with you so you don’t outgrow it – Often the term ‘simple’ is given to a system that doesn’t actually do that much. When your business becomes bigger (and that should be the aim) you simply outgrow that system and have to start looking for something else. Clubworx is different. You define the data you want to collect, how you want your reports to work and the workflows that the system will manage on your behalf. When you are starting out, you need things to be simple and we can show you how to do that. As you get bigger, there are more moving parts to your business and you (and the system you are using) need to adapt. We’ve made that process simple.
  3. A sophisticated business tool that is cheaper than coffee – We believe those fitness business owners who are committed to growing their businesses should have access to a reasonably priced piece of software that they can use from the start. If you only have 20 customers, paying $100 per month for software can be a bit of a stretch. Our pricing has been developed to help new businesses start off with a system from the outset. Starting at $50 per month, you get a system that takes care of the heavy lifting in your business so you can focus on growing. To put that cost in perspective, if we can save you 1 hour per month, Clubworx pays for itself.
  4. Your information, when you want it. For all the benefits of the cloud, many software companies try and hold their customers prisoners by not allowing them access to their information. At Clubworx, we take the approach that the information you enter into Clubworx, is owned by you! If you want it for any reason you can simply download all the information we hold within our system.

The reality is great fitness businesses use a system. If you are just starting out and are trying to manage your business with your google calendar and email, you are doing yourself and your business a great injustice.

Download our e-book that explains how to use smart systems and automation to grow a really successful fitness business.

If you would like to know how to implement a system that takes care of the grunt work and let’s you focus on the growth of your business, drop us a line and we’ll help get you started. Alternatively, why not start your 15 day free trial today, to see Clubworx for yourself.
Start My 15 Free Day Trial

Clubworx can be contacted on 1300 766 882, info@clubworx.com or visit the website at www.clubworx.com

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