Build Better Client Rapport

Want to know how to build instant rapport with your clients? Here are my top four tips to keep them coming back!

1. Listen & Learn!

Don’t just listen, really listen. Listen to clients, not only with your ears but using NLP (neuro linguistic programming) methods, which use all your senses to give them your undivided attention. With your eyes look at your client’s body language when they speak to you – what do you notice about them? Once they have explained their issues – reiterate that you understand what they are explaining so they feel more relaxed. Find out as much as you can about how they are feeling. Ensure that you have completed a detailed profile on their history before you begin as this can lead to understanding them very quickly and prompt you to ask questions that will give you the complete picture as to why they came to you.

2.  Care and Clear Planning

Once they have explained their issues and you believe you totally understand their needs tell them how you will play a part in fixing and helping them with their problems or issues. Give them a clear plan for moving forward. Are there other underlying issues causing the client to have food issues? If you can also identify this it will help the client to achieve greater success with you. They in turn will refer you to other friends and family which brings in further business to you – the most powerful type of business is through word of mouth.

3.  Communicate, Communicate

Keep in touch with your clients regularly – through use of technology send them a text or email to ask how they are, note down their birthdays, special events in their life – use one or use them all but the more you show you care and communicate the better rapport you are building with your clients and the more you will be top of mind in their lives. Your clients may have very few friends or family and the one communication they receive from you may be all they are getting on a daily basis.

4.  Go The Extra Mile

This will really keep your client’s coming back. Send them up to date information, educate them in the way of small tips that are easy to read on a weekly basis. Not too often! You could choose to do this by email, through a small newsletter or even on a Facebook closed group. In my case I have set up a Fitness Tips page  for everyone and I regularly post comments and information. I also send out a weekly health and fitness tip to my database. I have picked up new clients that way and also received regular comments from my clients about how they appreciate them and if the information shared resonates with them they often send me a quick message to say hi!

Use these top tips to build rapport and retain clients – would love to hear your comments on which ones worked for you or some other great ones used –


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