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About WNiF

One of the great things about the fitness industry is it’s continual pace of change.

Running any business these days is tough and with the ‘fitness industry’ continuing to have growth spurts in many sectors, it’s more crucial than ever to have the knowledge to deliver the right solutions to club members or clients.

The What’s New in Fitness website is a resource which has been built to support and extend the reach of the digital magazine of the same name. The team behind the website have over 50 years of industry experience and an abundance of contacts from around the globe who keep us up to date with relevant content for our visitors.

After the launch of the first printed edition of the What’s New in Fitness magazine in Spring 2012, the team are thriving on the activity that’s eventuated. With invitations to product launches, demo and reviews for products and services flying through the door, it seems a void has been filled.

With a continual flow of new content from suppliers and trade alike, we pledge to play a continued supporting role and valuable resource for those interested in What’s New in Fitness.

The What’s New in Fitness website was designed and constructed by GYMLINKsites.

The WNiF Team

picture Carla – The Editor
Mmmm, something doesn’t look quite right! Our very own self-confessed perfectionist – we love you?
Emma Emma – The Specialist
Armed with every solution in the book, there is no phasing this girl with mumbo jumbo – she has your back!
Craig Mac Mr Mac – The Publisher
No-one else solving your problem? Answer book and cigar at the ready, give it your best shot!
Kevin Kev – The Designer
Smoother than a porcelain figurine, your work is in the right hands now!
Aidan Aidan – The Googler.
Online marketing maestro is his game, and known to work magic has brought him fame!
Drewyn Drewyn – The Digital Ninja
Developer extraordinaire, designer genius, programmer perfectionist – this Kungfu Master will take you for a stroll in his zen garden!
picture Abbie – The Enforcer
Dice with at your pearl. Stories of legend have been told of unrivalled girl power strength and bravery!
picture Joey – The Puzzle Solver
Faster than a hamster chasing cheese on a wheel, nothing can out-skill this digital fur ball!

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