5 Questions With John Mullen

Five questions with John Mullen, National Commercial Sales manager at Johnson Health Tech

A family-owned business celebrating its 40th birthday next year, Johnson Health Tech have grown to become the 3rd largest global fitness equipment company in the commercial marketplace and are showing no signs of slowing down.

WNIF: What does your role entail?
JM: “As National Commercial Sales Manager, in collaboration with Gary Peak, our Managing Director, I formulate the strategic direction and drive the implementation of JHTA’s Commercial plan.”

WNIF: From an R&D perspective, how does Johnson Health Tech approach an ever-changing landscape of commercial fitness equipment solutions?
JM: Johnson applies a truly holistic approach to research and product development, incorporating the needs, interests and preferences of a comprehensive range of stakeholders into the products we develop. We’ve been labeled most innovative company in our industry over the past few years.”

WNIF: When it comes to new cardio equipment what importance do you place on social media and entertainment, as part of the overall user experience?
JM: We view social media and entertainment as important components of a high-end cardio lineup. A piece of cardio equipment needs to be strong mechanically and electronically. Our machines under our consoles need to offer people the ability to engage in a workout that’s most effective for them. We believe offerings with social media and entertainment are musts; however, we believe it’s more important to give the market a full set of options.

WNIF: The perfect piece of equipment is said to engage gym goers and provide an enjoyable, effective and efficient workout experience. How do you go about ticking all the boxes?
JM: We consider it of utmost importance to satisfy all of these considerations. We accomplish this through innovations in the form of completely new product designs, innovations that improve upon existing products in the marketplace, and our trailblazing cardio consoles.

WNIF: What tips would you give ‘buyers’ when deciding on a new installation of equipment for their gym or studio?
JM: We believe buyers should select products that best suit their facility type, budget, and positioning in the market. We at Matrix maintain a consistent level of finish, function, durability and features across our full catalogue of products. It really comes down to budget. There is no disadvantage in choosing from our wide range of model options.

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