Cashless Vending For Smaller Gyms And Fitness Clubs

With the surge in popularity of EFTPOS only vending, the price of small gym vending machine is now within the reach of every club.

Worldwide Vending - Vending for smaller gyms and health cubs.Up to now, the gym vending phenomena has been led by the large fitness chains, using large, high capacity vending machines that are often not suitable for smaller or independent gyms, health clubs, fitness centres or personal training studios.

Now there is a small gym vending machine solution for your smaller club too!

Cashless vending machines that accept only credit and debit cards have become more commonplace. These cashless vending machines do not accept coins or bank notes. Their increasing popularity is because EFTPOS has become an acceptable, and often preferred way to pay for their drinks, snacks and supplements from a fitness vending machine…

You can now afford a vending machine for any size gym!
Find out how Worldwide Vending can help you with cashless gym vending.

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