Women’s Health & Fitness – The Platform

Building on last year’s success, the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit are again offering ‘The Platform’.

The Platform is an opportunity for 4 new presenters to get a leg up into the speaking circuit. CEO Mish believes that the only way we can bring more attention to Women’s health is to create a new wave of inspiring presenters.

“In the age of the TED talk, it is simply not acceptable to read from a Power Point. An audience wants to be entertained. They want to be inspired. If we want women’s health on the agenda, then our presentations have to be at the highest level to get the speaking opportunities and to ultimately deliver our key messages”, she says.

The Platform presenters are mentored over 6 months and complete a training package, that will see them ready for any future presenting opportunities. They also receive a professionally filmed copy of heir presentation and feedback on how to write applications, thus allowing them to apply for other professional speaking gigs. Their 20-minute presentation has to be polished to the point of no notes, and they are not allowed to stand behind a lectern.

The Platform is a unique opportunity that is rarely seen in any other formal conferences.

Christy Collier, who was a Platform Presenter in WHFS15 presented about the importance of exercise for women during and post breast cancer:
“Being a presenter on The Platform was an absolutely wonderful experience. Not only did I receive amazing coaching which enabled me to develop my presentation content and skills, I met and worked with the other Platform presenters who were truly amazing and inspiring women. The Platform has also opened doors for me to present in other arenas, and has even generated a business opportunity. I would encourage all women who are interested in presenting to apply. The possibilities are endless.”

Kylianne Farrell was a Platform Presenter in WHFS 2015 – and now she is presenting at FILEX in 2017. She says of her experience:
“When I applied for The Platform I had no idea of the adventure that was about to begin, I embarked on a journey of personal and professional growth that allowed me to take risks despite fear, create and take opportunities, and connect with an incredible tribe of passionate and influential women, who are at the forefront of creating change and deeply impacting those around them.

After The Platform I was able to return to the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit in 2016 to present on something very close to my heart, and most recently has led to the opportunity to present at FILEX 2017, which I am incredibly humbled and excited to be a part of. Proving that having someone like Mish believe in us before we believe in ourselves, daring to speak up, own our stories not be owned by them and be committed to the journey that lies before us can lead to us being able to achieve those things that we once thought were out of reach!”

The 4 successful Platform Presenter will receive:

  • Full free entry to WHFS 2017 on the day of The Platform
  • 20 min presentation slot at WHFS17, with an audience of 100-300 in attendance
  • Professional production and filming of presentation
  • Ability to network with other prestigious presenters at a personal level
  • The opportunity to have personal support messages from our current Platform Ambassadors – Lisa Champion and Marietta Mehanni
  • 2 hours mentoring with our mentors (via Skype) to prepare you for your presentation
  • Recognitions as a WHFS presenter and promoted alongside the other WHFS presenters. Marketing material will be distributed nation-wide through a variety of channels
  • A 6 month home program to hone the skill set you need as a presenter
  • An experience like no other, working with some of Australia’s most inspiring women as part of a positive movement to enhance women’s’ health and fitness

The WHFS is open to Fitness Professionals, Allied Health Professionals and the general public who share a keen interest in women’s health and well-being.

Applications close for The Platform on Friday 10th February 2017 at 5pm.

To receive an application form, email your full name to mish@mishfit.com.au

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