Why You Should Consider Adding SoulBody Fitness To Your Schedule

SoulBody Fitness is a game changer Group Fitness program that blends elements of pilates, yoga and ballet with an athletic approach.

Monica Lopez - SoulBody Fitness InstructorHi, I’m Monica Lopez, Group Fitness Instructor at Goodlife Health Clubs in Calgary, in the western Canadian province of Alberta. I am certified to teach two water programs and four land programs. I’ve been a passionate fitness enthusiast for many years and I’m truly grateful to be part of the SoulBody Fitness Instructor team here at GoodLife.

During my childhood and teenage years growing up in Mexico I trained in jazz, Latin dance and ballet. I had never imagined that I was going to get back to the ballet barre to teach one of the best fitness programs that I’ve experienced.

The small isometric movements performed in Class help you build muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve posture.

You will definitely see results if you attend at least two Classes per week on a regular basis.

I’m simply amazed by the transformation I have seen in my mind and body since I started teaching this incredible program eight months ago. My cardiovascular endurance and athletic performance have also increased tremendously.


Our Members’ feedback has been fantastic since we introduced SoulBody Fitness and the Unhitched format (which can be taught with a weighted bar instead of a ballet barre) to the Clubs I teach at; it has also been very rewarding to witness their progress and commitment towards their health and fitness goals. They keep coming back week after week to Class.

Here is what one of my regular Members says about her experience attending SoulBody Fitness Classes. “I fell in love with the program instantly! As a Physiotherapist by profession, I love that SoulBody Fitness isolates all the different muscle groups individually, and that we do small specific contractions to avoid any compensatory movements.”

SoulBody Fitness is also bringing such a positive impact to our Clubs and fitness community that Personal Trainers are also loving it.

They are not only referring clients to try it, but they are also joining my Classes.

“My butt only goes numb from an insanely intense burn when I do barbell bench glute bridges with 100+kgs or when I attend SoulBody Fitness Classes”Craig Barnden (Fitness Manager, Calgary Northland Village).

SoulBody Group Fitness Class - Everyone is invited

Something that I really value as a Group Fitness Instructor is the inclusivity of the program. Anyone interested in trying it can join my Class. The modifications provided allow me to teach challenging variations for all fitness levels.

The result is a stronger, leaner, inspired and highly motivated Class. If you are looking for an effective Group Fitness Class to tone and sculpt your body, SoulBody Fitness is the program for you!

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Article written by Monica Lopez.

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