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Why Trainers Love Myzone - Effort Rewarded

Why Trainers Love Myzone

Getting results for your clients is an important part of a personal trainers overall business objective. Take a look at how Myzone is helping trainers and their clients reach their personal fitness goals.

From a personal trainer perspective, using Myzone allows you to hold your clients accountable both during a session you have together and in between a session or when not together.

During a session
If you as a trainer know you want a client training at specific level or intensity, you can see in real-time on he screen what their intensity is and hold them accountable to it throughout our training session.

In between sessions
If you assign your client a specific goal or aim outside your face-to-face session, Myzone allows you to go back and look at their activity calendar and see if they have met the intensity parameters that you have prescribed for them.

The Myzone App
Used with your clients you can look at the daily feed to monitor your clients workouts and their progress when they are not with you. From there you can give them a little encourage through a ‘like’ or ‘heart’ of leave a comment, all the time establishing more of a relationship even they are not with you at the gym or studio.

The result is that your clients know you are there for them all of the time and not just those 60 minutes at the gym.

For a lot of people that is a big deal and that is where the value of Myzone and training come together.

The colour heart zone on the Myzone display is a great way provide feedback to your clients either one-on-one or in a group training environment.

Real-time heart rate feedback is a powerful training tool and encourages proper measurement of effort throughout the whole session and the right amount of motivational feedback from the instructor to assist achieving goals.

Myzone have recreated a bunch of new video content for our personal trainer AND club operators. Check it out and see how these videos can be used to help educate users on all things Myzone!

Myzone is effort rewarded
Find out if your facility can benefit from using Myzone technology, contact Myzone on 03 8560 0922 or enquire below.


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