OUT NOW! – The Winter Edition Of The 2018 WNiF Magazine

The new Winter 2018 Edition of the What’s New in Fitness magazine presents important and relevant industry news and resources to better inform you.

WNiF present fitness professionals with meaningful and useful content regardless of their capacity in the industry. The Winter 2018 Edition of the magazine really does have something for everyone!

Together with our constantly updated website, What’s New in Fitness is the #1 and most trusted commercial resource an industry professional can view.

This edition in full…

12 IHRSA – Asia-Pacific Health Club Report

The latest IHRSA report looks at the Asia-Pacific region, serving 22 million members, over 25,000 health clubs and a net worth over AU$22 billion.. Read now

15 5 Things To Include in Your Social Media Policy

Chances are you have! That means you’ll want to know what to include your social media policy. Read now

Feature Article

16 Franchising: Your Buying Consideration

In the second of our series of articles, which provide legal guidance for participants in the fitness industry, we’re sharing guidance from Meridian Lawyers, who regularly advise Fitness Professionals to help them understand their risks, roles and responsibilities in an increasingly litigious and regulated environment.

In this article, Michael Bracken and Greg Bawden from Meridian Lawyers’ Corporate and Commercial team, identify some of the key considerations when buying a fitness franchise. Read now

18 Pre and Postnatal – Exercise Myths & Tips

Resident fitness specialist and author Jen Dugard runs us through some pre and postnatal exercise myths and tips. Read now 

22 The Deal With Discounts

Fitness Australia advice on a sensible approach to deals and membership discounts. Read now

24 How To Market To 3 Generations

Get your slice of the pie! Find out how to best market your fitness business to 3 generations of members. Read now 

29 Studio Profile: Bodhi & Ride

Craig Mac visits the flagship of Melbourne based boutique cycle studio Bodhi & Ride for an exclusive interview. Read now

33 Fill Your Schedule With Great Clients
NPE Coaching explains why some business owners fill their schedule with great clients and how you can do the same. Read now

34 Make Sales in A Start-Up Business

World renowned sales and business leader Steve Jensen explains how to make sales in start-up business. Read now

36 Functional Fitness Requires Functional Design

The process of initiating an effective functional design plan begins with the goal of the project: a clear direction as to what it is to be accomplished and why. Bryan Green from Aktiv Solutions runs us through the process. Read now

39 What’s New…

Our 10-page Feature Product section showcases by category, What’s New across commercial fitness product ranges, business services and other equipment. In this edition we spotlight these six categories (view now):

40 Education view now
42 Fitness Equipment view now
48 Fashion & Wearables view now
50 Group Fitness view now
52 Technology view now
53 Fitness Training Aids view now

55 Five Questions…

In every edition of the WNiF Magazine, we get the heads up from a prominent representative of the commercial fitness supplier community. In this edition, Craig Mac interviews the Director and CEO of HQH Fitness, Greg Doherty on the changing landscape of the fitness industry, new challenges facing gym and studio owners and how to get the most out of your functional training space. Read now

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