VIRUS – StayWarm With CoffeeChar

The cold is unsympathetic.

When you body looses heat, performance suffers.

Virus performance wear combats cold with CoffeeChar – a breakthrough material engineered to battle freezing temperatures through nano technology VIRUS fused coffee charcoal with high tech fibres. The result – a fabric capable of increasing skin surface temperature by up to 10 degrees.

Coffee charcoal’s natural heating element becomes apparent the moment it touches your skin. A luxurious feel in a lightweight chassis, it keeps you warm without restricting your motion with thick heavy layers.

Revolutionary fabrics are only part of the VIRUS Action Sports Performance story. Featuring compression technology and our unique ‘X’ form design, VIRUS products are engineered to fit action sports athletes in motion.

Gear up in VIRUS performance wear and dominate in every condition.

VIRUS - StayWarm - CoffeeChar Technology

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