Trix Cycles All Terrain Bikes


Globally renowned TRIX all terrain bikes roll into Australia

Take your bike riding to the next level this summer with the launch of TRIX All- Terrain Cycles, the bikes that will see you cruising in style on all terrains including road, sand, snow, dirt, mud, grass, mountain trails and even water!

Launching in Australia just in time for summer, TRIX bikes, with their super-sized tyres designed for low ground pressure, are purpose-built to withstand the toughest conditions and tackle all terrains and come in sizes suitable for men, women and even kids.

“These beauties are the toughest bikes I’ve ever seen,” says TRIX owner, Ironman legend and all-round fitness pro, Guy Leech. “Made from alloy with seven speed Shimano gears and the finest parts and accessories, these bikes can literally go anywhere and everywhere and can be ridden by the whole family,” he said.

Available in a range of eye-popping colours, tackling different terrains on a TRIX bike also provides multiple workouts for the body.

“We all know that sand running offers a pretty different workout to a road run and that mountain biking and road cycling are two completely different sports. The same can be said for the multiple workouts housed in one TRIX bike,” says Leech. “There is literally no place you can’t ride your TRIX bike – on the beach, through the bush, even in snow and shallow water, I truly believe TRIX bikes are going to take Australia by storm,” he said.

Built from the finest materials to meet strict Australian Product Safety standards, TRIX launches in Australia with its Chunky range which is priced from RRP $599. Available in three different sizes, The Chunky 26” is suitable for people who are taller than 160cm and weigh up to 140kg, the Chunky 24” is suitable for people who weigh up to 110kg and are shorter than 160cm, and the Chunky 20” is suitable for younger bike-lovers, from the age of eight.

With Baby TRIX AND Kids TRIX coming soon, Each TRIX bike is equipped with disc brakes to minimise friction between the wheel and the brake and seven speed gears to allow for a quick switch between conditions. The signature TRIX tyres can be set at different air pressures, so you can alter them to suit cruising across all types of terrain.

Additionally TRIX will be giving away $200,000 worth of product to the first 500 people that purchase a TRIX bike. Valued at $399 each, the free Bag of TRIX is packed with all the biking accessories you will need, including a signature TRIX backpack, four digit bike combination lock, front and rear lights, tyre pump and pressure gauge, electronic bell, saddle bag, aluminum water bottle and water bottle holder!

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