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VersaPulley - Flywheel - Intertial Training

The VersaPulley – Athletic Performance For Everyone

Designed to enhance sport movement and athletic performance.

What Is VersaPulley? VersaPulley is a high/low strength exercise pulley machine that combines speed, power and functional mobility through any range of motion with accommodating inertial resistance at any speed, just like sports.

The resistance used is based on patented MV² technology. This technology provides responsive resistance and a true stretch-shortening cycle for closed chain, multi-plane, multi-joint exercises as well as isolation or open-chain routines.

MV² technology is a mechanism utilising rotational inertia and an infinitely variable cam (cone). One can perform a vast array of exercises across the force-velocity spectrum ranging from high force and low velocity to high velocity and low force.

What differentiates the VersaPulley from its competitors is the ability to perform exercises in both a horizontal and vertical application. 

This allows it’s users to train at any load, at any speed, and in any plane within an infinite amount of exercise variation.

What is MV² Technology?
MV² is a revolutionary gravity-free resistance system using a rotational inertia mechanism with an infinitely variable cam to store energy a trainee provides through the concentric contraction and then releases the energy right back for the trainee to dissipate during the eccentric contraction. Simply put, the energy you put in comes right back to you when exercising on the VersaPulley. The patented MV² technology of the VersaPulley, being gravity-free, has possible applications for astronauts in the NASA Space Program (3,4,6). Bone demineralisation and muscle atrophy are serious issues during space flight.

What is Responsive Resistance?
Responsive resistance “responds” to the force output of the trainee throughout the range of motion (ROM). There is no “sticking point” with the patented MV² responsive resistance of the VersaPulley.

With conventional free weight and machine exercises, there are points in the ROM where the resistance is “heavier” do to leverage factors. For example, in a squat or bench press, on the raising or concentric portion of the exercise there is a “sticking point.” Once the trainee gets through the “sticking point,” he or she must “slow down” when approaching the end of the concentric contraction before lowering the weight in the eccentric contraction. This “slowing down” does not allow the trainee to accelerate all the way through the movement. This does not mean exercises such as squats or bench presses are bad. On the contrary, they can be quite valuable. But, they do have limitations.

The patented MV² responsive resistance of the VersaPulley allows maximal acceleration all the way through the movement automatically “responding” to the force exerted by the trainee. Thus, the VersaPulley is a great tool for maximal acceleration throughout the ROM.

What is a True Stretch-Shortening Cycle?
Muscles receive information from the brain or central nervous system. This includes the length of each muscle at any point and the tension needed for posture and stopping or starting movement.

There are serial elastic components of muscle which also include tendons. Muscle spindles (proprioceptors) preset muscle tension and provide sensory input related to rapid muscle stretching which activates the stretch or myotatic reflex.

When a muscle(s) is stretched fast in a rapid eccentric contraction, the concentric force output is greater after the stretch. You can demonstrate this to yourself by bending at the hips and knees as if to perform a vertical jump. Hold the semi-squat position a few seconds and then jump. Now, perform a regular vertical jump. You won’t jump as high when holding the semi-squat position before jumping. This is because you have removed the stretch-shortening cycle from the movement.

The VersaPulley increases the explosiveness of movements by developing the natural elastic stretch reflex component of muscle and tendon. Just as important, and perhaps more important for injury prevention, the VersaPulley’s high eccentric loading may improve the ability to reduce or dissipate force. 


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