The Octagon T2 Cross Training Frames

The perfect, compact blend of functional frame, attachments and equipment storage.

The T2 is packed with facilities for pull-ups, dips, boxing, barbell lifting and more. Switch quickly between frame-based exercises and use of the functional tools neatly stored on the integral rack. The T2 really excels as a hub for small group workouts, with users moving from station to station to get a whole body workout.

Escape Fitness t2- Type2 and Type 2 - Size and Layout

The Escape Octagon will make full use of the space on your gym floor, allowing multiple people to work out at the same time, on a single piece of equipment.

Short, fast, effective, whole body workouts mean you will deliver to your members accelerated results, meaning they’ll keep coming back for more and result in you maximising your revenue possibilities.

Fun and unlimited exercises can be progressed and regressed depending on the user, meaning it is perfect for fitness beginners or professional athletes and helps you to cater for everyone in one piece of equipment.

The Escape Octagon can be configured to suit any gym or fitness space and, with pre-designed attachment packs, getting involved with the Escape Octagon couldn’t be easier.

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