The Muesli Leads Australia’s Fight Against Sugar

The Muesli leads the fight in Australia against sugar.

As obesity rates continue to rise across the country one Australian company is trying to change the endemic – one mouthful of muesli at a time.

With the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recent recommendation for people to halve their daily sugar intake to five per cent – the equivalent of six teaspoons[1] – The Muesli founder Emma Dumas is urging more Australian food manufacturers to take the guideline seriously and develop food products using less sugar.

Emma developed her own range of healthy mueslis which are 97 per cent sugar free – one of the only sugar free mueslis on the market. The Muesli Classic and The Muesli Gluten Free are made using only the finest natural ingredients.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s where people make their first mistake – believing that they are choosing a ‘healthy’ cereal when in fact it’s full of sugar. Many cereals contain up to and more than 40 per cent sugar – mueslis are often the worst. Food manufacturers need to change this for the health of the nation and stop using certain ingredients they classify as ‘good sugars’ – like dried fruit or honey. If you’re watching your weight, there’s no such thing,” Emma says.

The WHO guideline applies to added sugars as well as those naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit concentrates. It does not apply to sugar in whole foods such as fruits or vegetables[2].

Emma believes it should be achievable for food manufacturers to start eliminating hidden sugars from food products. Whether they choose to or not remains to be seen. Emma’s range bears a new symbol and advice as a guide for consumers.  The One Line Rule® is a great way to keep sugar in check. On any nutrition panel, check one line, SUGARS. If it’s more than 5g/100g (5%), Move On.

“My business is small compared to other large name brands out there. If I can do it there’s no reason why other food manufacturers can’t follow the same direction. The industry needs to take collective action to help fix obesity and other health crises in this country,” Emma says.

About The Muesli: Founder Emma Dumas established The Muesli when her friend, Donna Aston – a personal trainer – said clients couldn’t find a muesli that complemented their fitness programs. The Muesli is at the forefront of offering consumers a healthy breakfast option not previously available to them. It’s a healthy muesli that is a premium quality mix of 50 per cent nuts and seeds, with oats and coconut, which is naturally sugar free. It’s a muesli that satisfies you and your personal trainer. The Muesli range is available at David Jones, Harris Farm Markets, IGA Supermarkets and all quality health food outlets. Visit for more information.

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