The Healthy Chef: Purely Delicious Cookbook

Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef, has just released the cookbook you need want you want fast, delicious, healthy recipes

International bestselling author, celebrity chef, and wellness expert Teresa Cutter is releasing her healthy, wholefood cookbook, The Healthy Chef: Purely Delicious. Teresa she shares a collection of her favourite recipes in this easy to follow cookbook designed for people who are passionate about food and health, but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Teresa has applied her “keep it simple, keep it fresh and make it yourself” philosophy to all her meals, from yummy breakfasts, dinners, soups and salads, to desserts, smoothies, cakes and more.

“Whether you’re gluten-free, sugar-free, Paleo, vegetarian, or just want to eat natural whole foods that are deliciously good for you – there is something in this cookbook for you. Purely Delicious has 500 pages with over 200 of my favorite healthy recipes using the freshest whole foods, fruits, and vegetables,” says Teresa. “My aim of writing this book is to get people cooking their own food and eating healthier, so everyone can live better lives filled with good health and happiness.”

The Healthy Chef: Purely Delicious will be available in September 2015 on eStore and selected bookstores. Hard copies will retail for $69.95 AUD and e-books will retail for around $18.99 AUD.



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