The Funkiest Fitness Club In Oz

Funk Fitness 247 are consciously committed to standing out from the crowd and being the black sheep amongst all the white ones!

Funk Fitness are focused on making fitness as much about mental health as it is about physical health.

At Funk Fitness 247, the environment is pleasant, non-intimidating and non-judgemental, in the hopes that members will turn up more regularly and then fitness  becomes a bonus side effect! The club achieves this by ensuring their branding is clear and consistent. For example, their noticeboards, rules, etc always have a fun tongue-in-cheek air about them because at Funk Fitness they believe they can get a message across without being blunt, and they find people are more receptive to receiving messages in this way.

Always the innovator, Funk Fitness has just launched the first Charity Vending Machine, where all profits go to their four chosen charities.

“Mr and Mrs W T Funk” make sure every member is made feel welcome in their groovy club, where members are affectionately called “FUNkstars” and, in return, they call them “What Tha… FUNK!”

Watch the video below or to find out more visit

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