The CT8 Fitness Training System

Since 1971 TuffStuff Fitness International has focused on one thing, the design and development of the highest quality commercial strength equipment.

Over the last five decades the fitness industry has changed, and TuffStuff Fitness has evolved with it. As numerous fads have come and gone, TuffStuff remains because of our commitment to quality materials and designs that deliver results. Whether outfitting the world’s finest health clubs with custom-branded Proformance Plus equipment, or schools and professional teams with our Pro-XL Racks, all of TuffStuff’s commercial products emphasize the highest standard of craftsmanship with bio-mechanically sound movement and enduring reliability.

While many fitness companies have taken their manufacturing overseas, and are unable to produce the products they sell, TuffStuff remains committed to quality with one of the United States’ largest full-service manufacturing facilities in Chino, California.

The CT Training System
Made from materials only seen in the highest quality commercial strength equipment, the CT Fitness Training System offers modular options, design elements and customisation for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The creative modular design gives personal trainers, studio owners and full service fitness facilities the ability to build custom exercise stations that best suit their individual and group fitness needs.

The CT Training System from TuffStuff Equipment
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